Rochester City Council Member Malik Evans Announces Mayoral Run

(Monday January 18, 2021) -Today Rochester City Council Member Malik Evans announced in a campaign video (, that he will enter the 2021 Mayoral Race. Running on a pledge of “Building Bridges,” Evans vowed to mend the gulfs that have separated our communities for too long. Evans stated, “Recognizing that Building Bridges must be more than just words, my vision for Rochester’s future includes ensuring that Trust and Transparency are the cornerstone of my administration. I will always level with our citizens and every single decision will be made in a transparent manner.” Evans indicated he believes strong guiding principles are important, especially in difficult and challenging times, stating, “ Leading with trust and transparency is critically vital as we tackle issues such as civil unrest due to racial injustices, and an ongoing pandemic that has disproportionately affected marginalized communities both health wise and economically.” Trust and Transparency will also form the foundation of his Compact with the Community. The Compact includes areas such as Jobs, Neighborhoods and Public Safety. On his decision to run, Evans said, “I did not make this decision lightly. I have a lifelong love for, belief in, and sense of duty to Rochester, and I have been humbled and honored by the many citizens that have encouraged me to enter the Mayor’s race. Over the coming weeks and months, I look forward to engaging with the residents of our community to hear their desires for creating a stronger Rochester that will not just survive but thrive.”
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