Mayoral Candidate Malik Evans Rolls Out Economic Empowerment Plan (RELEASE)

For Immediate Release: June 6, 2021

Contact: Patrick Coyle,, (585) 451-3342

(Rochester, NY) Mayoral candidate Malik Evans announced his plan to economically empower residents across the City of Rochester today. Evans’ plan focuses on increasing the number and quality of jobs in the city, improving the climate for business and entrepreneurship, and raising the rate of homeownership, savings, and investments. Evans reiterated his belief that it is vital to help residents secure better jobs and achieve financial well-being in order to address some of our city’s toughest problems.

“Whether it’s working for an existing organization or launching your own company, a good career goes well beyond paying the bills and putting food on the table,” said Evans. “Jobs and financial security address the root causes of so many challenges we face, from improving mental health, to stabilizing neighborhoods, to reducing crime. Everyone deserves meaningful work and the opportunity for a better life.”

Evans outlined a number of steps he will take as mayor to grow the availability of good jobs and business opportunities: 

  • Expand job training and placement efforts, including his Youth2Work program, to improve the skills of our workforce and attract employers.
  • Support entrepreneurs and small businesses by helping them navigate challenges like regulations, payroll, and financing, so they can focus on what they do best.
  • Collaborate with business, labor unions, and educational institutions to build the next generation workforce in advanced manufacturing and skilled trades.
  • Grow and support Rochester’s creative and service sectors, including artists, performance venues, and food and hospitality businesses.
  • Work with Monroe County to market our region worldwide as a place to visit, live, and do business.

Evans went on to detail initiatives to improve the financial health of the city’s population by broadening the reach of vital financial services and grant programs. He also stressed the need to reverse the downward trend in homeownership and to invest in local neighborhoods.

“As a community banker for nearly 20 years, I have always put the well-being of people in our city first. It has been a privilege to help thousands of Rochesterians open their first bank accounts, buy homes, start businesses, and invest for a better future. I have also seen how financial instability can derail lives and families. We need to help people move beyond worrying about where their next meal or rent payment is coming from, and start building wealth as a buffer against downturns and a path to a better life.”

To that effect, Evans proposed several economic empowerment and financial health initiatives:

  • Work with area banks and credit unions to expand access to bank accounts, affordable credit options, and other vital financial services.
  • Increase awareness and availability of homebuyer grants and matching programs, and help homeowners build reserves and skills to maintain properties and strengthen neighborhoods.
  • Bring together renters and landlords to develop a compact for quality housing and fair practices. Increase education on rental property improvement and rent assistance programs.
  • Create an innovative partnership with philanthropic and financial institutions to bring investment education and matching funds to lower-income city residents, so that all have the opportunity to save for a rainy day or invest for retirement.

Evans rolled out his plan in front of Burgos Income Tax, a locally-owned small business on North Clinton Avenue. This location was selected because many of the incentives and opportunities for wealth building in the United States are enacted through the tax code, from the Earned Income Tax Credit, to the recently enhanced Child Tax Credit, to Individual Retirement Accounts and the Saver’s Credit. As a longtime proponent of the CASH income tax preparation program, Evans knows that these incentives and tax refunds can be a key entry point for people to gain an economic foothold and start building savings.

“As mayor, I will work in partnership with financial institutions, non-profit organizations, and all levels of government to extend the opportunity for financial stability and economic empowerment to all corners of our city,” Evans concluded.

Background:  Video of the speech can be viewed here.