Compact = Our Agreement with the Community

Our Compact with the Community will be transparent, outlining the high-level initiatives I will pursue as your Mayor.

Stay tuned to this page! As the campaign advances, we will be releasing additional policy proposals. These proposals will form the foundation of our Compact with the Community.


We must focus on jobs that will increase wealth and build real economic prosperity for all Rochesterians. In order to do so, we must implement a coordinated effort that prioritizes job training and attracts companies to the City of Rochester.

We will work toward:

  • Ensuring that every Rochester resident can access a livable wage
  • Redoubling efforts to help our youth build a strong foundation for the future by ensuring access to jobs and training
  • Supporting entrepreneurship, which is a valuable engine for job creation
  • Making Rochester the Research and Development hub of Upstate New York


Stable neighborhoods make for a stable city.

We will work toward:

  • Strengthening neighborhoods by empowering citizens to affect growth and development where they live
  • Augmenting efforts that will help build and support neighborhood associations by giving them a platform to voice their ideas
  • Ensuring there is environmental justice in every neighborhood

Creating stable neighborhoods will increase neighborhood value and bring attention to the importance of the environment in urban neighborhoods.

Public Safety

Rochester’s citizens must feel safe in their own neighborhoods.

In order to accomplish this, we must:

  • Have a comprehensive plan (that includes both mediation and job creation) to curb violence in our city
  • Support and expand opportunities for youth—such as Teen Court—to avoid the revolving door of the criminal justice system

To build a positive relationship between the citizens of Rochester and the Rochester Police Department (RPD), the RPD must operate with improved transparency and a community-first mindset.

Trust and Transparency

We must make data and information available to citizens, allowing them to hold the Mayor and other city government representatives accountable for their actions.

We will build bridges—not walls—by embracing partnerships and using technology to remove barriers to accountability.