This Compact with the Community is my promise to Rochester, built on a foundation of trust, transparency and accountability. I will always be forthright, accessible, and will lead with partnership and inclusion.

In serving our community for more than 20 years, I’ve heard the same call from every corner of our city. We need more jobs that pay a livable wage, neighborhoods that thrive, to rebuild trust in government and public safety, and a plan for holistic and systemic support for individuals and families as we reopen Rochester in 2021.

Economic Empowerment

A good paying job can have a tremendous impact on an individual or family, that goes well beyond financial security and being able to pay your bills. Jobs are transformative; when people are stabilized and don’t have to worry about paying their rent or where their next meal is coming from they can thrive rather than merely survive.

Public Safety

Rochester is a diverse community, our residents are diverse in race, religion, culture, gender, sexual orientation, income, and disability status. Our community’s law enforcement must value and respect Rochester’s diversity and protect the dignity and human rights of all residents.


Stable neighborhoods make for a stable city. Creating stable neighborhoods will increase neighborhood value and bring attention to the importance of the environment in urban neighborhoods.

Youth Development

Rochester is uniquely positioned to address issues directly impacting our children. Community needs for youth development and recreation are extensive and opportunities for alliance with industry partners are tremendous.

Trust & Transparency

Trust and transparency must be the cornerstone of government and underlie every action a public servant takes. The people of Rochester should trust that their interests, not personal interests or special interests, will come first for their Mayor.

Your Ideas

Malik wants to hear what you have to say. Share your thoughts, comments and questions here.